Call For Sit Stand Desks!

Trends In Commercial Office Furniture

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Because commercial spaces say everything about how we interact — our office furniture should too!


As millennials flood the workforce, they’re not only looking to a company that provides excellent benefits but a workspace that is conducive to actually be in!


In a recent study, it found that roughly 76% of employees ages 18-34 feel strongly that the office design and aesthetics make a large impression of a company. 


So, what does a modern-day office look like? 


At LUi Plus, we cultivate spaces for collaboration, innovation, and connection through our commercial office furniture! Take a moment with us today as we explore the trends in office furniture!

Modern Commercial Office Furniture


Workspaces are changing — it’s no longer a corner office and cubicles, but about customized spaces that foster wellness, productivity, and cozy collaboration. And, this is where commercial furniture comes in. To create a space that people can thrive in, it begins with the right furniture that can speak to this vision. 


Offices are becoming dynamic where collaboration is encouraged — every company now has a research and development sector that started out in a dungeon-esque area and was upgraded as we found out how the energy and buzz was adding to the business. 


And you don’t want that buzz to go away! One sure-fire way to create an office buzzkill is to revert back to cubicles and private offices. 


What we’re also finding in modern offices is that for productivity to soar, employees don’t necessarily have to be grinding the whole eight hours they’re there. It’s important for them to move around and change up the scenery — perhaps with a game or two of ping pong or lapping the office on a scooter! Adding a touch of fun is the wave of the future for workspaces. 


Apart from the actual layout of the office, companies are working on the interior design to really draw in and engage employees. Many companies are incorporating plants, and not just your average plant-in-the-reception area deal. No, companies are adding rooftop gardens and living walls to capture the benefits of bringing the outdoors in! 


But, let’s get back to the trends of commercial furniture and how it’s impacting the modern office!


Let’s dive into the trends below!


Informal Lounge Spaces


In order for collaboration and innovation to take place, sometimes we need to step out and away from our desks and meet up to solve problems and dream big! A lounge space is the perfect way to do this. 


It can be a few comfy chairs around a table or a collection of chairs and sofas — anything that simulates a relaxed and comfortable feeling. 


Create a lounge area with our seating collections and table selections


Open Concept Offices


As we eluded to earlier, private offices and cubicles are a thing of the past. We’re trading them for open concept offices where everyone is out in the open. It’s a sort of controlled chaos where desks are all lined up around the office with lounge areas spread out intermittingly throughout the building. What if you need privacy? There are a few team rooms and small workstations that provide refuge. 


Sit/Stand Desks


Health and wellness are on the radar for most companies because when employees are healthy, productivity improves! We know the health consequences of sitting for prolonged periods, which is why versatile sit/stand desks are the standard for many businesses. 


These desks work perfectly on their own or in an open conception office space. 


Learn more about what custom desks we can create for your workspace!


Breakout Areas


As offices are moving to an open concept, you’ll likely see breakout areas. These areas differ from lounge areas by facilitating collaboration complete with all the multimedia to make it happen. 


These are the places that are buzzing. You’re collaborating in the open and people can stop by to see what you’re working on and you can easily pull people into the mix. 


Begin creating a breakout area complete with our desks and chairs and watch innovation happen!


Workspaces are becoming more fluid as the traditional office is being retired. We’re trading for individual spaces and moving towards open and collaborative environments. 

Begin transforming your business with a variety of commercial office furniture today!