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The 5 Advantages Of Flipmode for Your Office

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Because some office furniture just makes your life that much easier!


Space is often limited in a small business — from trying to house all of your employees and finding enough space for storage to places for meetings and work collaborations — you’ll likely never hear a business complain of too much space!


If you’re a business looking for better organization, we have the perfect office solution for you!


At LUi Plus, we supply commercial office furniture to leading organizations to improve the function and aesthetics of the space you’re in! Learn more about Flipmode in today’s post!

What is Flipmode?


Flipmode is a flippable wall panel that replaces the old and outdated whiteboard and brings a new air office to office teamwork and planning. And, one of the most unique features is that when you’re not using it, it can be transformed into a wall display with your logo or art for better brand building and recognition.  


Let’s dive into the advantages of this innovative office furniture accessory and why your business needs one!


The 5 Advantages Of Flipmode For Your Office


Squash Clutter


When it comes to the aesthetics of your office, the last thing you want employees or potential clients to walk in on is clutter. Clutter makes a space feel small and chaotic — it puts a damper on the space. 


One of the worst places that collect clutter are team rooms or the places where a whiteboard is used. Not only does it collect random trinkets but there is often writing and sticky notes that make the area look and feel disorganized.  


If this sounds like your office, eliminate the clutter with Flipmode. You can plan and collaborate to heart’s desire and when you’re done, simply flip the work around to display wall art or your company logo — everything in neat, tidy, and contained! 


Improve Teamwork And Collaboration


A traditional whiteboard only has so much space, while with the Flipmode you can add panel after panel to create a space big enough for the work you do! And, when you have enough room to write, collaborate, dream, and plan, it only improves your teamwork and collaboration. 

Teams now have the space to get everything out and into one place — there is no need to take pictures, erase what’s already up, and then keep going. The Flipmode keeps all your innovating in one area! 


Absorb Sound


A busy office is typically one that’s bustling, especially with a lot of sounds! Whether you’re talking to clients, making sales, or connecting with your teammates, the sound of an office can be loud and disruptive! 


Flipmode, on the other hand, can actually help your office absorb sound with its unique and innovative acoustic boards. So, be energetic and passionate about your projects without having to worry about the noise you’re creating! 


Enhanced Privacy


If you have an office where clients or other non-employees frequently visit, the privacy of what you’re creating and developing may be at risk. Don’t take any chances, and invest in Flipmode. Like we mentioned earlier, one of the greatest features is the ability to take what you are working on, on one side, and completely flip it around to display your logo or wall art — all of your work is hidden and private! 


It makes any space more functional!


Because Flipmode can be added to any area, it makes the ability for impromptu meetings and collaborations even that more convenient. Now your work and what you create is less dependent on a traditional space — team room, private office, etc. — and provides spontaneity and more organic collaboration amongst you and your teammates. 



Flipmode makes planning, dreaming, and collaborating effortless!


If your office could benefit from an organized space, improved collaboration, a quieter environment, enhanced privacy, and more space for organic brainstorming, Flipmode is ideal for your space!


From a single unit that can be placed in every room to a large multipanel centerpiece for large team rooms and collaboration areas, Flipmode beautifully replaces traditional whiteboards giving your office more space, additional privacy, and versatility in how you work! 


The Flipmode overall is smooth and easy to use so your team can concentrate on what matters! 


For more information on the Flipmode, connect with us today!