Call For Sit Stand Desks!

Stay Healthy With An Ergonomic Office

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Want a way to improve your productivity and impact your wellness? It all begins with the ergonomics at your desk!


In our health and wellness journey, we all make small, tangible changes to improve our wellbeing at work. From eating an abundance of healthy veggies and taking the stairs to going out for a run on our lunch hour, these affect how we feel and perform at our jobs. 


But, how else can we combat fatigue and find optimal wellness? The answer is in office ergonomics!


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But first, why do we need ergonomics in the office?


Ergonomics is vital to both the employer and employee — it benefits and improves efficiency and productivity in the workplace. From a business standpoint, let’s dive into this a bit further. 


Overall costs are reduced.


As an employer, when you invest in office ergonomics it reduces the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders that result from poor posture and repetitive movements. When these can be mitigated, the risk factors of these health concerns dramatically fall. 


So, when you’re investing in your office furniture, look for seating and workstations that are accommodating and are adjustable for the ultimate in ergonomics. 


Productivity is boosted!


When productivity is improved so is your ROI and this is the bottom line for most employers! When employees have an office that promotes less repetitive motions, better posture, and less overall exertion, it makes them more efficient.


Improved quality of work. 


Poor posture and repetitive movements can cause fatigue and health issues, so when your employee isn’t feeling their best, they aren’t able to do their best work. Better office furniture with proper ergonomics will improve how they feel, thus the quality of their work!      


A better culture. 


When employees are able to feel better and do their best work, the culture improves. There will be less turnover and missed days, in addition to better employee engagement and better morale!


How does an ergonomic office impact the person? 


People should care about ergonomics because it greatly impacts their wellness. Let’s face it, most of us work in an office, sitting at a desk for upwards of eight hours a day. We’re sedentary more than ever, lacking movement and mobility throughout our days. 


After all, they’re likening sitting as the new smoking!


So, while we’re exercising on our lunches and active when we get home (hopefully…fingers crossed!), it may not be enough. Can we really undo years of bad posture and repetitive motion? 


When you implement ergonomic practices and stay active outside your workplace, you can better combat the effects of prolonged sitting. Want to know more about the harmful effects of sitting? Read our post about it here


How can both employees and employers be better with office ergonomics? There are many tangible ways!


Make your office ergonomic friendly by discussing the importance of it. You can assess your current space and figure out how you can make adjustments. 


What might be some things to assess?


  • Sitting still for long periods of time
  • Not moving your head when looking at the monitor
  • Sitting with no back support
  • Holding a handset while talking on the phone
  • Typing with bent wrists
  • Turning your head to one side to read the monitor
  • Slouching or leaning to one side in your chair
  • Cradling the phone between your head and ear


Working Towards Better Ergonomics


Once you know more of your habits that could become an issue, there are a few more things you can address including:


  • The proper chair placement
  • Adjusting your chair
  • Checking for a proper desk height
  • Altering the monitor, mouse, and keyboard placements
  • Investing in a hands-free phone with a headset
  • Get an adjustable desk you can both sit and stand at 


When it comes to ergonomics in the workplace, it is beneficial for both the employer and employee. The employer sees improved productivity and quality of work while costs are reduced, and the employee feels better, is healthier, and avoids injuries related to sitting and repetitive motion. 


For information on how we can help your office become more ergonomically friendly, connect with us today!