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Fostering An All-Inclusive Classroom Through Furniture (Part Two)

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Because furniture in education can make the difference!


In part one, we examined the need for all-inclusive classrooms, why classroom space matters, and how you can begin creating a space for all abilities! Continue the exploration of how furniture can address this important in today’s post!


Commercial furniture from LUi Plus is built to be functional and appealing while staying affordable. Not only is it comfortable and durable, but it helps create an inclusive space for all abilities. Dive more into it today with us!  

More on Classroom Acoustics


In part one, we left off explaining how you arrange your classroom to reduce the noise is important for effective learning and creating a calm and relaxing classroom that every child has a chance to thrive in. 


More ways to address noise is to minimize and lessen the disruptions for those students who are sensitive to noise include: 


  • Provide a couple of pairs of noise-canceling headphones that kids can use in quiet areas or at their desks. 
  • Implement acoustic panels or dampen noise by hanging blankets. 


Beyond the acoustics, there are many ways to make your classroom more inclusive.


Create A Sensory Play Space


Make a space for those who would benefit from a sensory play area — all kids love these! Have a variety of stations that are engaging and tactile such as playdough, rice, and water stations, or areas they can seclude themselves and decompress.      


Textures And Fabrics


Sitting at a hard-surfaced desk all day is difficult for anyone, so implementing different textures and fabrics is a great way to engage kids without it being too overstimulating. 


This may mean having a soft bean bag or inflatable couch for kids to lounge in, or letting them bring in their own seat cushion or fabric to sit on to help them stay grounded and focused while working. 


Play around with smooth vinyl and ribbed fabrics as a part of your classroom furniture that all kids can enjoy and have fun with. 


What To Look for In Classroom Furniture


 Commerical furniture, especially for the classroom, can be hard to find a good mix of durability, accessibility, and aesthetics. But, at LUi Plus, we have a broad array of commercial furniture for your classroom. 


What you can expect from our school furniture has a variety of features including:


  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Inclusive
  • Rate load capacity 


What are some commercial furniture pieces that are great for an all-inclusive classroom?


Rims 3-Shelf Open Bookcase


This is an ideal bookcase that can not only dampen sound and be used to create a nook, but helps your classroom stay organized!


Noah All-Purpose Seating – Stack Chair Armless


This is a stackable chair with a faux wood finish — not only does it look great but it’s a smooth and easy-to-clean classroom chair option. 


 Noah All-Purpose Seating – Armless


This chair is on wheels so it allows both student and teacher to easily move this chair around the room. With two different textures — smooth plastic back and upholstered seat — this is a great tactile chair to help keep students calm and comfortable. 


There are a variety of casegoods, chairs, and tables from LUi Plus that would work well in an all-abilities classroom!


Shop our commercial classroom furniture today!