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Custom Furniture

From small businesses to large corporations, we have commercial furniture that can be customized to your preferences!

L.U.I. PLUS understands that the "standard" is not always the best solution. Yes, we offer over 2,000 standard casegood and seating products, but we also understand that you, our customer, will have special requirements that need to be customized.

If you need our products a little smaller or bigger, a different or matching finish, wood, laminate, or a design element change, then you will find that L.U.I. PLUS can respond. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail of what your custom requirements are and we will make it happen. Yes, we do accept drawings on napkins!

What Our Customers Say

"I can win or lose a furniture project that is comprised of mostly standard units just because the manufacturer can not do one or two of the products in a different size. This is why L.U.I. PLUS is my first "go to" so I can give my customer exactly what they want and need. This is a company that excels in doing specials and they don't over charge."

G. Adams, Office Furniture Dealer, Georgia

"My high tech software company customer wanted a conference table. This was not an unusual request until I explained that it needed to look like a ping pong table but must have stability and quality so as to be used both for conferencing and entertainment. After contacting 4 other furniture manufacturers, L.U.I. PLUS immediately said "not a problem". Within one week I had a drawing and photos of the table legs along with a sample of the color of the top with stripping. Once I gave them the approval, L.U.I. PLUS built and delivered the table in only 3 weeks. This company knows no limits when it comes to custom products."

M. Persohn, Illinois

There are a lot of choices when it comes to traditional style office furniture. However, it really narrows when the new furniture finish has to match the existing finishes on 50 year old chairs and the office decor woodwork. L.U.I. PLUS responded to this requirement both quickly and under budget.

S. Baker, Texas