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Create A Waiting Room Your Patients Love (Part Two)

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Don’t make your waiting room a major pain point in a patient’s experience!


When you step into a waiting room emotions are at an all-time high and when they’re mixed with uncomfortable office furniture, overcrowding, and questionable magazines, it’s no surprise why people dread spending even five minutes in a waiting room. 


At LUi Plus, we’re here to help you change that! With commercial office furniture that you purchase online, we make furniture buying a breeze for a waiting room that is functional, appealing, and affordable! 


So, let’s dive into part two and explore more ways you can show your patients how much you care by creating a waiting room they will love! 


The Musts Of Waiting Rooms


Beyond choosing the right front desk and commercial seating that is both comfortable, ergonomic, and appealing, there are still more ways to heighten patient experience in the waiting room! Want to know more?! 


Colors Speak Volumes


There is a whole psychology around color and what each color represents. Below is a rough outline.


  • Yellow = Optimism, warmth, and clarity
  • Orange = Confident, cheerful, and friendly
  • Red = Youthful, bold, and exciting
  • Purple = Wise, creative, and imaginative
  • Blue = Strong, trusting, and dependable
  • Green = Growth, peace, and health
  • Gray = Calm, balanced, and even-keel 


Choosing the right color palette is important when fostering a specific energy you want to bring to the waiting room. Blues, greens, and grays are popular in medical offices, and bright colors like yellow and purple are never a bad option. 


Keep in mind that the color doesn’t always have to be painted on the walls — there are so many great interior design ideas to add a pop of color through objects such as picture frames, decorative pieces, and lamps. 


If you’re unsure about a color palette Google can be your best friend, or take a trip to your local art supply or home improvement store and begin building a palette. 



Waiting rooms can feel cold and sterile because not only do they lack color but they lack humanness! A great way to connect to your patients is through your waiting room. Do you love nature? Incorporate framed pictures that alternate your favorite Ansel Adams quotes with your adventures or add cute decorations like a dinosaur planter. In the end, it’s about having fun and making a connection — this begins in the waiting room!


Stay Organized!


If you have magazines or games for kids ensure it can easily stay organized because no one likes a cluttered, messy waiting room! Add in fun and unique pieces that double as spaces for organization. Many bookshelves you can add bins to for easy organization and even side tables or coffee tables with built-in drawers make all the difference. 


Incorporate Lighting


Many offices and waiting rooms have atrocious overhead lighting that not only emits droves of blue light but it’s harsh and just creates a sterile environment. 


So, what can you do? Layer with lighting!


Soft lighting helps people feel calm and relaxed and makes everything in the environment appear a little nicer. This lighting also exudes more of a homey feel that is comforting and can build trust. Implement soft lighting through different lighting layers. 


Have lamps throughout the waiting room to bring in this feeling of home. You could even add task lighting if you wanted to get super fancy and install a couple of large adjustable lights that people can read under. Sconces up towards the top of the walls and dimming lights are also a great option to control the lighting in the room. 




While some waiting rooms like to steer clear of technology, this is solely a personal choice. Some offices like the idea of a technology-free waiting room where their patients can kick back and relax, but let’s face it, they’ll always have their phones! You could mix the two, and implement a small device-free section that is cozy and comfy with magazines, books, and crossword puzzles. 


To really elevate the patient experience you could have a charging station or a desk for people to work on their tablet or laptop while they wait. 


Many offices also have TVs. You could place a couple around the room — one that displays information about the business and the other where they can control what’s on.


Use an interior design program!


If laying out a waiting room and choosing appropriate commercial furniture isn’t in your wheelhouse, that’s okay! Not only can you enlist your friends for design help and feedback, there are also online resources and programs that can assist you in creating the perfect waiting room layout and suggest office furniture that may pair best.  


Your waiting room speaks volumes!


At the end of the day, put yourself in your patient’s shoes, what kind of experience do you get? Go around and sit in the chairs and get an idea of how things are placed and the way things look. 


And, if changes need to be made, make them! You could also take it one step further and send out a survey to your patients and ask them their thoughts!


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