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4 Tips For Choosing Healthcare Furniture That works For You!

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From healthcare cabinets to the patient waiting room, there is office furniture that can really enhance how you care for your patients!


Apart from the common office building, hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices have a specific need when it comes to the type of furniture they use. Not only does it need to be efficient and durable, but it needs to keep everyone safe!  


At LUi, we supply the leading furniture to the healthcare industry that includes nursing stations, office casegoods, office accessories, storage and mounted cabinets, and office and patient seating. Learn more about how to expertly choose your healthcare furniture in today’s post.  

Healthcare Furniture That Works For You!


When we begin creating a medical space, it’s easy to get carried away with picking the right colors and focusing on aesthetics, and the good news is, with LUi you can get both great-looking furniture that is tailored to all of your functional needs. Below we’ll go through a series of considerations to take so you can choose medical furniture that is perfect for your business.  


Easy To Clean Surfaces


Hygiene in a medical office is arguably the number one priority, so it’s crucial that you have healthcare cabinets, patient seating, and workstations that are clean and easy-to-clean. Such surfaces can be breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and viruses, so it’s important that you look for a few key things including:


  • Nonporous surfaces
  • Surfaces with many seams and creases
  • Materials with many nooks and crannies


When you’re selecting healthcare furniture such as healthcare cabinets, nonporous surfaces are the standard. Often times biological matter can spill or leak, and the ability to quickly and efficiently clean it is crucial. 


It’s also important to choose durable office materials that can withstand the wear and tear of multiple cleanings and disinfections daily, in addition to keeping up with a large volume of patients.  


Safe And Comfortable Furniture


In the healthcare field, you see a variety of people every day, and they’re all different. They vary in height, weight, and abilities so it’s vital to accommodate them all. 

Look for office seating that is sturdy, soft, and free from sharp edges to prevent injuries, falls, and potential self-harm. 


If you work in behavioral health, additional considerations can be made such as non-flammable furniture and furniture that doesn’t come apart in pieces that could be used to harm others or in self-harm. 


Ultimately, comfort is a huge piece in the healthcare furniture quest. Many patients are coming to you and are already in pain, sick, or injured so it’s important that you select furniture that they can try and relax in. 


One more point to cover — it’s important you keep your healthcare furniture well-maintained, and yes, this does mean replacing it over the years. This is simply a safety issue regarding your staff and your patients — if anything is broken or not functioning optimally, it needs to be replaced.


So, when choosing an online furniture company, ensure you can get replacement parts and pieces.    


Patient Privacy: Beyond Healthcare Cabinets and Exam Tables!


One often overlooked part of healthcare furniture is privacy. Patient privacy is hugely important whether it’s investing in privacy screens and sound barriers, to nursing stations that are discreet and away from patients — privacy should always be a goal!  


Why is safety important to your patients?


Many times when patients come in, they’re anxious and scared, so having more privacy builds trust and puts them at ease. 


Privacy for your employees is also an important aspect to consider — if they’re doing office work or making calls, they need an area that is somewhat private and quiet. 


At LUi, our healthcare furniture is great a great option to provide your patients and employees privacy. 


A Welcoming Patient Area


When patients are coming to you, it’s typically a stressful time when either they’re sick or a loved one is and the last thing they want is to walk into a healthcare facility that is cold, dark, and unwelcoming.


Make it a point to go the extra mile and add potted plants, photos, and a good color palette. Stark white environments have never put anyone at ease so look for warmer tones like blues, greens, and yellows, and oranges. 


The requirements for healthcare furniture including healthcare cabinets, nursing stations, desks, casegoods, patient seating, and accessories are much different than typical offices. 


Learn more about our healthcare furniture and connect with us today!